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7 Lunch Ideas to Make This Mother’s Day Special

7 Lunch Ideas to Make This Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day is approaching, offering a perfect opportunity to honor the remarkable women who fill our lives with love and wisdom. Show your appreciation by treating mom to a special lunch! Our curated list of ideas, from picnics in the park to elegant home-cooked meals or dining out, ensures there’s something to suit every taste and preference. Let’s make this Mother’s Day extra special with delicious food and cherished moments together.

1. Picnic at the Park

Enjoy a picturesque picnic at the park with your mom on Mother’s Day. Pack a basket filled with her favorite sandwiches, salads, fruits, and snacks. Don’t forget a cozy blanket, some refreshing drinks, and perhaps even a bouquet of flowers to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor dining experience. Spend the afternoon lounging in the sun, taking leisurely strolls, and simply enjoying each other’s company in the beauty of nature.

2. Home Cooked Meal

Treat your mom to a special home-cooked meal prepared with love. Consider making her favorite dishes or trying out new recipes together. Set a beautifully decorated table with candles, flowers, and elegant tableware to create a restaurant-like ambiance right in your own dining room. Cooking together can be a fun and bonding experience, allowing you to share stories, laughter, and the joy of creating delicious memories together.

3. Cooking Class

If you and your mom share a passion for cooking, consider signing up for a cooking class together, either online or in person. These classes provide a fantastic opportunity to not only learn new recipes and culinary techniques but also to bond over a shared love of food. Imagine spending a fun-filled afternoon in the kitchen, chopping, sautéing, and simmering alongside your mom as you both explore exciting flavors and dishes.

Now, if you find yourselves separated by distance, fear not! A virtual cooking class offers the perfect solution to bridge the gap and bring you together in spirit. With just a click of a button, you can join a class from the comfort of your own kitchens, cooking side by side while following along with expert instructors.

4. Enjoy A Meal Out

Another wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day is by dining out. Taking mom to a restaurant offers a lovely break from the usual, allowing you both to enjoy a meal without any preparation or cleanup. Whether you’re craving hearty comfort food or something light and healthy, there’s a range of options to suit every palate.

For a hassle-free dining experience with a warm ambiance, consider a family-friendly venue like Ruby Tuesday. Here, you can savor a variety of entrees, from tender steaks to and endless salad bar, and toast to the occasion with their signature Ruby Relaxer, a Bloody Mary, or any glass of wine for only $6. It’s a perfect setting to relax, chat, and cherish the time spent together.

5. Home Brunch Buffet

Host a delightful brunch buffet at home for your mom on Mother’s Day. Set up a spread with a variety of breakfast and brunch favorites, such as pancakes, waffles, eggs benedict, fresh fruit, pastries, and more. Include some savory options like quiches, breakfast burritos, and bacon for a well-rounded meal. Decorate the table with colorful linens, flowers, and elegant serving dishes to create a festive atmosphere. Encourage everyone to serve themselves and enjoy a leisurely brunch feast together.

6. Home Garden Tea Party

Host an elegant tea party in your own backyard garden for a charming Mother’s Day celebration. Set up a cozy seating area with tables, chairs, and umbrellas surrounded by blooming flowers and lush greenery. Serve a selection of fine teas, delicate finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and an assortment of dainty pastries and cakes.

Decorate the space with vintage teapots, floral arrangements, and lace tablecloths to create a whimsical atmosphere reminiscent of a classic English garden party. Spend the afternoon sipping tea, indulging in delicious treats, and enjoying lively conversation with your mom in the tranquil beauty of your own outdoor oasis.

7. Outdoor BBQ

Fire up the grill and host a backyard BBQ for Mother’s Day lunch. Grill up an array of delicious meats, seafood, vegetables, and skewers, seasoned to perfection and served with your favorite BBQ sauces and sides. Set up a casual dining area with picnic tables, string lights, and outdoor seating, creating a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Enjoy the smoky aroma of grilled goodness while spending quality time with your mom and loved ones in the great outdoors.

Make Your Mother’s Day Memorable with Ruby Tuesday

At Ruby Tuesday, we’re dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere where families can come together and celebrate special occasions. Whether you’re joining us for an early lunch or a leisurely dinner, our doors open at 10AM to ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy your meal.

Prefer the comfort of home? You can still indulge in our delicious dishes with our convenient pickup and delivery options. Ordering is easy — just visit our website or give us a call to arrange a time that works for you.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, Ruby Tuesday is here to help you make lasting memories with great food and exceptional service.

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Common Questions

What are some good food items to bring on a Mother’s Day picnic?

For a delightful Mother’s Day picnic, pack a selection of easy-to-transport and light foods. Include assorted sandwiches or wraps, a variety of cheeses with crackers, fresh fruits like strawberries and grapes, and salads such as a pasta salad or a mixed greens salad. For a sweet touch, bring along some of her favorite desserts like cupcakes or fruit tarts. These choices not only make for a tasty meal but also minimize preparation and cleanup, allowing more time to enjoy the day.

For the home garden tea party, what are some creative ideas for the menu and decorations to make it extra special?

For a home garden tea party, aim to create a charming and elegant setting. Use vintage teapots, fine china, and lace tablecloths for decorations. For the menu, in addition to classic items like finger sandwiches and scones, consider adding personalized touches like homemade preserves or a special blend of tea. Floral arrangements and soft background music can enhance the ambiance, making the experience memorable and unique for your mom.

What are some fun activities to include during a Mother’s Day backyard BBQ?

For a fun and engaging Mother’s Day backyard BBQ, consider including lawn games such as cornhole, boccie ball, or croquet. You could also prepare a playlist with your mom’s favorite songs to play in the background, and maybe even set up a DIY photo booth area with props for capturing memories. These activities can add a playful and festive touch to the celebration, making the day even more enjoyable.